Chiang Mai – Elephant Sessions & Muay Thai Lessons

In recent years tourism has progressively transformed Chiang Mai into a backpackers utopia. Artistic vibes accentuate the city and there is an aura of blissful calmness which is impossible not to fall for. In a place as saturated with tourists as Thailand, it’s incredibly difficult to find an authentic experience that hasn’t been blogged about or done before, so just try to enjoy what the city has to offer- and there is so much it has to offer.

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As the gateway to Southeast Asia, Bangkok has the important job of welcoming travellers from all over the world to the region. Midway through my time in Thailand, I found myself returning here, temperatures had began to soar and with the air in Bangkok becoming humid and sticky. I decided a teeny change of scenery was needed and stumbled across a half-day trip to a peaceful town called Kanchanaburi. Continue reading “Kanchanaburi”

Khao Sok National Park

With majestic fairy-tale scenery, perfect swimming conditions and a variety of wildlife, Khao Sok National Park is a true paradise that offers adventure and relaxation. Most people consider the beach or city when they decide on a Thai holiday, I wholeheartedly believe that Khao Sok to be the most beautiful national park in Thailand, and the perfect detour when travelling to/ from the Islands.

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