Amphawa Floating Market

The Amphawa Floating Market is located approximately 2 hours away from Bangkok, and is a perfect way to escape the city for a day trip. It’s also the place where I finally caved, and purchased a pair of those elephant harem pants that EVERYBODY seems to wear!

In recent years Amphawa has grown in popularity with tourists, however there is still an authentic vibe as local Thai people from Bangkok flock here to hit the shops, eat fresh seafood and get out of the city. Nevertheless the sellers do try and bump up their prices for the farangs, so you best arrive with your game-face!

It’s pretty and fun, with many simple wooden stalls straddled along the canal, selling a kaleidoscope of souvenirs and snacks- which satiated my passion for nibbling all day.

Coconut Ice-Cream & Sweetcorn – Yes… Sweetcorn.

I visited on a Saturday afternoon and while it was typically crowded around the main canal, there were tons of tiny side streets with quirky coffee shops and restaurants if I needed to take a break from the bustle.

Not to detract from the market – as this is a completely personal thing – I am a terrible haggler. The longer I spent on the boat the more uncomfortable I began to feel telling sellers “no.” If you love haggling this is an absolutely perfect way to spend an afternoon.

Amphawa Floating Market is affordable and a great way to experience Thai life and culture. Definitely worth checking out!

Total Cost For Day Trip (1500 THB/ £32)

  • Private air-conditioned mini-bus return journey (Bangkok – Amphawa)
  • Boat ride along the canal
  • Snacks galore (coconut ice-cream, variety of fresh fruit, Thai ice tea, coconut water)
  • Lunch
  • Souvenirs
  • Toilets (5 Baht a go)

Mine was an impromptu visit, I’m sure if you looked into it you will be able to find an even cheaper way!

Tangled Tip

In the evenings, you see the fire flies dancing along the canal, accompanied with a glass of wine, this is a beautiful sight!


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