Hilltribe Trek – Ban Mae Jok to Pa Khao Lam

The hot midday sun beams down, enticing a longing for the river I see babbling next to me. Ohlala (my guide) throws a smirk in my direction as he lightly taps a lump in the hillside parallel to our path. The result? Hundreds of spiders burst from underground and begin scuttling upwards, tangling together in angry knots. I squeal and in my attempt to escape, my foot slips from the narrow dirt path and into the river, leaving my boot caked in mud.

I’m not your friend anymore” I childishly tell him whilst shaking my foot and Ohlala only howls with laughter in response. With the image of scurrying spiders permanently etched in my brain, my trusty substitute hiking pole (a bamboo stick) and I, continue the journey towards the next hilltribe.

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